Public Management

Be prepared for a managerial role in the public or private sector

The online graduate Public Management Certificate offers you additional skill in public management in 15 credit hours. If you are a professional in a public or private sector agency and are interested in taking on a managerial role, our certificate can help.

The program can be completed in one year, but like all SPEA programs, the curriculum is challenging. The upside is that your hard work will prepare you for a better, more satisfying career.

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The Certificate in Public Management is a 15 credit-hour program. Three required courses (9 credit hours total) and two electives (6 credit hours) make up this certificate. 

Required Courses

  • Public Finance and Budgeting (F560)
  • Public Human Resource Management (M561)
  • Public Management (V502)

You will choose two additional SPEA graduate courses that meet your needs.

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