Public Budgeting & Financial Management

Build your basis in budgeting and finance for government and nonprofit organizations

The Certificate in Public Budgeting and Financial Management is a 15 credit hour program for those seeking graduate training in the fundamentals of budgeting and finance for government and nonprofit organizations. It is designed for pre-career students, including graduate students in other disciplines who seek to additional capacity-building in their educational program, and for in-service professionals who seek additional expertise in their work or who plan to change their professional roles. The program is for those who wish to acquire additional knowledge and skills in public financial management and control, governmental or nonprofit accounting, and public expenditure planning, management, and fiscal control. 

The program can be completed in one year, but like all SPEA programs, the curriculum is challenging. The upside is that your hard work will prepare you for a better, more satisfying career.

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The Public Budgeting and Financial Management Certificate is a 15 credit-hour graduate-level program. Three required courses (9 credit hours total) and two electives (6 credit hours) make up this certificate. 

Required Courses

  • Government Financial Accounting and Reporting (F542) or Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations (F526)
  • Public Finance and Budgeting (F560)
  • Public Management Economics (V517)


You will choose two additional graduate courses (6 credit hours) that meet your needs:

  • Revenue Theory and Administration (V609)
  • Government Budget and Program Analysis (V610)
  • Public Capital and Debt Theory (V667) 
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