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Master of Public Affairs (Online MPA)

Become a Leader, Make a Difference

“The term ‘public affairs’ in SPEA’s name—rather than public administration or public policy—reflects the many roles that SPEA graduates assume in multiple sectors of the economy throughout the world.”

—John Graham, dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Sure, it sounds like a nice addition to your resume. But what exactly is a Master of Public Affairs?

The MPA is one of the most versatile and valuable degrees available—a combination of the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Public Policy. At SPEA, our students are prepared for public service jobs in our changing society in ways unmatched by other universities. Our MPA program builds leaders who will make a difference in our world. 

Choose SPEA Connect for your MPA, and:

What Careers Does an MPA Lead To?

An MPA opens doors for you. Your training will cover a broad range of topics—economics, policy analysis, management, and professional communications, to name a few. That’s what makes our degree so marketable.

Our interdisciplinary approach can prepare you for a future in:

Check out our curriculum to learn how we can enrich your career. 

Is a SPEA Connect Online MPA Right for You?

Our program is a rigorous course of study suited for highly qualified students. Selective and competitive, our program is designed for students who:

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What Will You Gain?

You are one person, but you can improve the world. At SPEA, we dedicate our time and resources to help you do so. We think long-term, giving you the tools to not only be successful in your next position, but to be a leader for life.

As a student in our program, you will acquire a wealth of skills. You will gain knowledge in: 

See our course descriptions for specific information about what our curriculum has to offer.

SPEA Connect 

Opportunity, far and wide. SPEA Connect provides this for public affairs professionals in a way unrivaled by other highly ranked graduate schools. Our program caters to experienced professionals who cannot enroll in our residential program. We believe those tied to their current locations, juggling multiple responsibilities, should be able to enhance their careers like students at our Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses do. 

At a Glance

As an online student, you benefit from the flexibility of our 48 credit hour program. In addition to the core classes, our curriculum includes a customizable advanced curriculum of at least six electives that you will choose with the help of the faculty director.

You can complete one of your electives by attending the optional residential week at our Bloomington, Indiana, campus. It’s a great way to bond with classmates and faculty, earn a quick 3 credits, and kick off your degree.

You will also be required to complete an experiential component—an internship, research program, or prior experience. This component can be worth up to 12 credit hours.

All courses will be accessed through Oncourse, Indiana University’s easy-to-use online learning hub. Once you are accepted into the program, you will register in Oncourse and receive a password to access the necessary materials for your courses. 

You should be able to complete your MPA in three years. However, some students may finish sooner or later than that, depending on their pace. The suggested course limit is two per semester, but students may exceed this with permission from the faculty director. Summer courses are also an option. 

Our program can fit your unique lifestyle. Learn more.

SPEA Connect also offers certificates.

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