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Certificate in Nonprofit Management

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge and skill level in the world of nonprofits but are unable to complete a full MPA, the Certificate in Nonprofit Management is a great option for you. In only 15 credit hours, you’ll gain a better understanding of the nonprofit sector and nonprofit management issues. This certificate can strengthen your performance in areas such as:

Our certificates are quick—you can complete one in a year—but challenging. Like all SPEA programs, the curriculum is rigorous. But the effort you put forth will make your long-term professional goals reachable. 

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The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is a 15 credit-hour program. Three required courses (9 credit hours total) and two electives (6 credit hours) make up this certificate. For more information about these courses, read the MPA course descriptions.

Required Courses

You will choose two additional SPEA graduate courses that meet your needs.

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